Multiples x 1

Groupshow in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin, curated by Paul O'Neill and Ronan McCrea

with Manfred Schneider, Pawel Althamer, Christine Borland, Tim Brennan, Roderick Buchanan, Gerard Byrne, Cardiophon, Michael Durand, Mike Fitzpatrick, Anna Hill, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Beat Klein, Doris Kroth, Frank Lüsing, Caroline McCarthy, Alice Maher, John Newling, Aine Nic Giolla Coda, Stefan Nikolaev, Maurice O'Connell, Lindsay Seers, Simon Starling, Charlotte von Poehl

Pisshaus | 1998 | 32x17x30cm | Wooden and photos | Piss house not to enter, in order to be pissed from outside | Edition of twelve