Heliotrope Sleep (solo)

Heliotrope Sleep | ©Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

The collective memory is suffering from memory loss due to substance abuse, misconceptions and ignorance. The Gestelle installation (walkers, rollators), with the sub-title psychomimetisch (the hallucinatory effect from drugs), supersizes three walkers into a psychedelic experience. In his recent catalogue ‘Train your mental eraser, Hippie!’ he exposes the collective memory as collective myths. His new video Jokes, to be shown for the first time at Art Rotterdam, plays with perception and interpretation. A famous German classic-theatre actress monotonally recites banal jokes about the artworld and artists, taking among others a pun at his old art academy professor Martin Kippenberger.

Heliotrope Sleep | ©Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

Man Schneider
Bad Joke Cycle Repeated
Shortened version (6:32 min)
with Carolin Ott

An actress performs jokes on visual art. In the first part she presents the jokes without gestures and facial expressions. The punch line is not emphasized. In the second part, she reluctantly repeats the same jokes until she aggressively yells at the viewer.
Man Schneider is interested in the emerging paradoxical situation by violating the criteria of everyday logic.

Man Schneider - Bad Joke Cycle Repeated | 2018 | 9:01 min (uncut version)

Eine Schauspielerin erzählt Witze über Bildende Kunst. Im ersten Teil werden sie ohne Gestik und Mimik vorgetragen. Die Pointe wird nicht betont. Im zweiten Teil wiederholt sie die gleichen Witze. Widerwillig und teilweise wiederholend setzt die Schauspielerin ihren Vortrag fort bis sie aggressiv dem Betrachter den Witz entgegen schreit. Man Schneiders Interesse gilt dabei der entstehenden paradoxen Situation, indem man die Kriterien der Alltagslogik verletzt.